In 1982, a videotape was released that would change the face of horror movies forever. The video, simply titled "The Video Nasty," was a compilation of graphic, violent, and often gory scenes from horror movies. It was banned in the UK, and many other countries, due to its explicit content. The Video Nasty era was born, and horror movies were changed forever.

Prior to "The Video Nasty," horror movies were often lighthearted, with silly monsters and little gore. "The Video Nasty" changed all that. It featured scenes from such graphic horror movies as "Halloween," "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre," and "Night of the Living Dead." These movies were filled with explicit violence and gore, and "The Video Nasty" showcased them all.

The video was banned in the UK in 1983, and other countries soon followed suit. The Video Recordings Act of 1984 was passed in the UK, which effectively banned "The Video Nasty." The act placed strict regulations on the sale and distribution of videos, and "The Video Nasty" was one of the first videos to be banned.

The Video Nasty era had a profound impact on horror movies. It ushered in a new era of graphic, explicit horror movies that were filled with violence and gore. These movies were often banned, but that only added to their allure. "The Video Nasty" was the first video to showcase these explicit scenes, and it changed horror movies forever.


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